A Better Bottom Line Requires Better Revenue Cycle Management 

Collect more money per claim, faster–without changing your EHR System.

Prevent Denied Claims

Maximize Reimbursement

Grow Your Revenue

All revenue cycle management
is not created equal. 

At Practice Automations, we work the hard claims that other revenue cycle managers won’t touch. Through automation and our proprietary segmentation process, we reduce days in accounts receivable and increase your clean claim ratio by eliminating easy-to-make errors like coding mistakes, missed insurance deadlines, and inaccurate patient information. And when it comes to denied claims, we don’t take no for an answer.

Practice Automations does it all so you don’t have to.

No matter your specialty, we can handle everything from patient registration and insurance verification to charge capture, coding, and beyond.

Prevent Denied Claims

Clean claims upfront reduces the need for rework later. 

Maximize Reimbursement

We prioritize the right claims to collect more payments in less time and, if necessary, rework rejected claims and appeal any denials.

Grow Your Revenue

We don’t leave money that belongs in your pocket on the table.

You’ve got enough to do.

Taking excellent care of your patients is a full-time job–and one that deserves your full attention. We know that you don’t have time to deal with the headache of appealing denied claims, verifying patient information, and keeping up with ever-changing insurance regulations. 

That’s why hundreds of medical providers look to Practice Automations for quality revenue cycle management so they can focus solely on providing quality healthcare.

Expect more from your revenue cycle management

Anything lower than a 97% clean claims ratio means your practice is losing revenue and working rejected claims means more lost  time–and more lost money. Through automation and our proven segmentation process, we help you get claims submitted accurately and on time–the first time.

Revenue cycle management may be complex, but we make it easier to put more money where it belongs: in your pocket. 

Getting started with
Practice Automations is easy.

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2. We’ll handle the integration.

Our turn-key system works with all major EHR systems.

Grow Your Revenue

Increase your revenue by upwards of 20%.

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How healthy is your practice?

You work too hard to let past-due balances, unpaid claims, or other gaps in your revenue cycle management to sabotage the profitability of your practice. 

Before you write off another dollar, let us take a look at your entire revenue cycle to help you identify where you’re losing money and, more importantly, how to make it stop.